This season we are growing three different breeds of meat chickens.

Silver Cockerels and Freedom Rangers

We purchased our Freedom Rangers and Silver Cockerels from Hoffman Hatchery located in Gratz, PA. We picked them up at the post office in early August and they’ve been located at the Agricultural Learning Center ever since.

Both breeds are very popular in the Northeast. The Freedom Rangers are mostly red birds bred specifically for free-range operations. Freedom Rangers grow to 6-7 lbs in just about 10 weeks. Freedom Rangers were derived from an American and European heritage breed that was developed in the early 1960s.


Also known as the Kosher King, Silver Cockerels are bred from heritage breeds like Barred Rock and Sussex. Silver Cockerels are beautiful, multi-colored black and silver birds. These birds also have a delightful temperament. These birds are cousins to the Freedom Rangers and develop very similarly.


Cornish Crosses

We purchased the Cornish Crosses from Stombergs Chickens online. These birds arrived a few weeks later than our other breeds. We staggered delivery because Cornish Crosses take less time to develop. By 8 weeks, our birds should reach 7 lbs. Cornish Crosses are bred for meat production. They are a very popular breed for commercial production. This breed is the best choice for raising chickens for meat, if you want a timely product. However, these birds are not even close to as beautiful as the other varieties!


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